'The Simpsons' Comes Out Swinging Against Donald Trump in Hilarious New Clip

'The Simpsons' isn't holding anything back against Donald Trump in this hilarious new clip.

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The Simpsons might have predicted the candidacy of Donald Trump years ago, but now that it might be a reality, the show isn't ready to take it lying down. In a new clip titled "3 a.m.," the show finds Homer and Marge up late trying to figure out who they're going to vote for. They turn on the TV to find a mock political ad asking who they would rather have answering the phone in the White House at 3 a.m.

After finding Bill Clinton desperately trying to assume Hillary's presidential duties, it cuts to Donald Trump in bed tweeting about Elizabeth Warren. He gets a call from The Situation Room, but ignores it while he is constructed. This comes complete with an orange spray tan, fake hands that are regular sized, and finally a small dog on top of his head that he fluffs into his hair. This process takes so long that he ends up missing his Situation Room appearance. Naturally, Homer seems to love Trump, prompting some stern words from Marge.

The show has always leaned Democrat, although they've skewered just about everybody over the years, so it's not super surprising to see them savaging Trump. Still, it's hard not to appreciate their send up of him. After 27 years on the air, the show's writers are clearly down to tackle just about anything. They don't really have much to lose.

You can check out The Simpsons' hilarious send up of Trump and the Clintons in the video clip above.

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