Big City Earnerz Is The Eshest Game You'll Play This Summer

Finally an app for the moneymaking lads

Tired of being broke lad? Searching non stop but coming up trumps? Melbourne-based beatmaker Kharnivor feels your pain brah, and he’s gotten proactive about lifting universal lad morale by creating a new app, Big City Earnerz. The game play is simple; “dodge the jacks n collect max pingaz.” Basically you just leg it through the grimy streets of 'Burn city avoiding coppers and police dogs while collecting pingaz, and not just any old round ones, white Mitsubishis – Eets!

“I made this solo styles over a few spliffs it’s a good laugh,” Kharnivor declared on an Instagram post. What a boss.

For now the app is only available on googleplay for Andriod users, but there are plans to release an iPhone version once he hustles up some funds. Eshayz. Get around it, Android-using lads and lasses of the world, you’d be a gronk to sleep.

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