Watch Quentin Tarantino Nerd Out About Film with Paul Thomas Anderson

Tarantino and Anderson talk the future of filmmaking.

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God bless Quentin Tarantino in all of his unbridled film nerd glory because watching this man talk about 70mm film with the enthusiasm of a child on Christmas is about the greatest thing you'll see today. Add dialogue from another fantastic American filmmaker, Paul Thomas Anderson, and the Weinstein Company has damn near spoiled us rotten with this belated Christmas gift.

Discussing his new film The Hateful Eight, a post-Civil War era narrative heavily punctuated with themes of race and screened on 70mm film, Tarantino elaborates on the various benefits and pitfalls of how film translates in the digital era. It's a fabulous 40-minute guide for anyone who's seen The Hateful Eight or Anderson's The Master, and its an interesting crash course in the future of filmmaking for the rest of us. Enjoy.

[h/t Vulture]

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