Steve Buscemi Will See You Now In a Great "Fifty Shades" Trailer Recut

Sure, Jamie Dornan is traditionally attractive, but Buscemi is a chameleon.

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Fifty Shades of Grey is officially the Super Bowl of theatrical sex movies. Its every move is being written about (so punish us). It's got a car commercial. It's got Target pop-up displays. But unfortunately, one thing it doesn't have is Steve Buscemi. Sure, Jamie Dornan is traditionally attractive, but Buscemi is a chameleon. There are definitely "fifty shades of Buscemi." And it's not like he's too highbrow for an adaptation of Twilight BDSM fan fiction—Buscemi's been in seven Adam Sandler movies. Seven!

Thankfully, Boo Ya Pictures fulfilled our own dark twisted fantasy of seeing a college journalist (Dakota Johnson) enter into a questionable relationship with a sadistic Buscemi. It's impeccably timed, and impeccably chosen. We won't spoil the moments. We were just trying to reach a word-count quota before going back to watch this again.

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