Biggest Laugh of SNL 40: Kenan Thompson as Bill Cosby in a "Jeopardy" Daily Double

Potent potables.

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Kenan Thompson played Bill Cosby in a Jeopardy sketch during SNL's 40th anniversary special. He popped up to give a video clue for a Daily Double. The category? "Potent Potables," and Cosby gave a cocktail recipe. Will Ferrell pulled off the perfect look of a back-peddling Alex Trebek, exclaiming, "Oh no, no, no! We filmed that in June!"

More than a dozen women claim that Cosby spiked their drinks and raped them over the past few decades.

The full segment of "Celebrity Jeopardy!" includes Darrell Hammond (as Sean Connery), Kate McKinnon (as Justin Bieber), Norm McDonald (as Burt Reynolds), Jim Carrey (as Matthew McConaughey), Taran Killam (as Christoph Waltz), and Alec Baldwin (as Tony Bennett).



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