Let ‘MJ: The Musical’ Be Your Gateway To Broadway

If you’ve never given Broadway a chance, now’s the time. Here are five reasons why ‘MJ: The Musical’ should be your entry point into this world.

Collage of Michael Jackson in various performance outfits including a white suit and fedora, and a black leotard with a harness
Collage of Michael Jackson in various performance outfits including a white suit and fedora, and a black leotard with a harness

Art is life’s safety net.

When things get hard, you put on your favorite album. When you need comfort, you might watch your favorite movie, and when you’re looking for inspiration, art is there to keep you motivated, reminding you that when you think you have nothing left, you actually have more than you know.

It’s because of how much art gives to us in our time of need that we in turn give it our attention, admiration, and money. Movie tickets, concert tickets, festivals, no expense is too much for our beloved. Theater, for whatever reason, isn’t always top of mind for a casual entertainment seeker. Despite encompassing everything people love about entertainment. There’s fashion, dance, music, storytelling, and high energy on stage, yet Broadway is still “othered.”

But for those who are curious about what Broadway has to offer, let MJ: The Musical be that first Broadway experience.

The Tony Award-winning musical takes place in a rehearsal studio two days before Michael Jackson embarks on his four-continent Dangerous tour. Up against the clock and engulfed in speculation on whether or not he can pull it off, MJ’s out to prove that this album will be just as successful as the previous ones.

It’s a story about Michael Jackson and his creative process, so yes, there’s singing, out-of-this-world choreography, and nods to some of his memorable fashion moments, but you’re not going to see the iconic lean from his "Smooth Criminal" video or the Egyptian-inspired dance moves from "Remember the Time." 

This is a story about an artist chasing perfection and not realizing he caught excellence along the way. Here are five reasons why you should see MJ: The Musical. 

  • Hard work is only the beginning

For a musician to put on one show, a bigger team of people works behind the scenes. There's planning, practicing, costume changes, lighting, a band, and more. Performing several shows across four continents demands a level of endurance most people will never have to possess, much less muster up even for a moment. This commitment to showmanship is on full display in MJ: The Musical. Whether it be the ode to the giants who inspired him (Bob Fosse, James Brown, and the Nicholas Brothers) or the fact that MJ tore up the setlist and started from scratch two days before heading out on the road, Jackson was determined to give the fans the very best show he could.

  • There’s something for everyone

Living in modern times also means living in separate worlds. Gen Xers and Gen Z don’t really have a lot to talk about and millennials are stuck somewhere in the middle being told they’re too old to know what’s trending or too young to really have a say.

MJ: The Musical blurs those generational lines and offers something for everyone. If you’re a tried and true Jackson 5 fan, you’ll get a healthy dollop of what you need. Or maybe you grew up listening to Michael Jackson and you want to introduce him to your niece or nephew, this musical provides a well curated introduction into one of the world’s greatest entertainers. MJ: The Musical is a rare experience where everyone fits in and everyone can get something out of it.

  • The Choreography Is Beyond Words

If Michael Jackson never sang a note (blasphemy to even think about) and decided to focus solely on dance, he’d still be an icon. So for a Broadway show highlighting such a larger-than-life entertainer, the dancing had to not only be a major component, but it also needed to be…well…great!

For more than two hours, attendees witnessed the agility, skill, and rhythm of the dancers within the show. Yes, there are scenes that throw it back to a young Michael and the Jackson 5 doing their famous kick-ball-change, but the story that’s being told among the dancers is the same one shared through the show’s dialogue. That excellence requires endurance and even when you’re tired and out of breath, the show must go on. 

  • It’s An Inclusive Show

Despite the talented men and women who’ve helped bring some of the best Broadway shows to life, it hasn’t always been as inclusive as it is now. MJ: The Musical changes that. You can see the world reflected on the stage. All races and genders acting and working together to put on a high-energy, yet nuanced show about one of entertainment’s greatest performers. And yes, Michael Jackson is Black so to cast him as anything else would be foolish, but that isn’t solely what makes this a diverse show. MJ: The Musical taps into core components of the human experience: ambition, drive, setbacks, and ultimately, triumph, and depicts this through a diverse cast.

  • Why Not See MJ: The Musical?

Even if you’ve never heard of Thriller, Bad or Dangerous, or aren’t familiar with Michael Jackson’s story or music, this show is still for you. If you’ve ever wanted more for yourself, had a dream that kept you up at night, or simply wanted to execute a vision no one else could see but you knew was amazing, then MJ: The Musical is just what you need. It’ll give you the inspiration to keep going all while telling a nuanced story. So, what do you really have to lose? Go, get inspired, have fun, and then add Broadway to your list of artistic avenues.

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