Jade Purple Brown and Leslie Grace Hit Rose & Reuben's Brooklyn Bodega to Peep Häagen-Dazs’ New City Sweets Flavors

It's summertime and tastemakers Jade Purple Brown and Leslie Grace are hitting a Brooklyn to check out Häagen Dazs' New City Sweets Pop Up Shop.

When New Yorkers have a craving for sweets, only two things are on their minds: Häagen-Dazs ice cream and their local corner bodega. That’s why the venerable ice cream-maker built its own Brooklyn bodega, Rose & Reuben’s, to launch its new City Sweets line of ice cream flavors. Classic New York treats like black and white cookies, soft pretzels, and crispy churros inspired the line, bringing those street food desserts to its indulgent ice cream offerings. Take a look as tastemakers Jade Purple Brown and Leslie Grace visit the spot to check out City Sweets flavors like Dulce de Leche Churro; Coffee Chocolate Brownie; Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel; Summer Berry Cake Pop; and Black & White Cookie. But ice cream isn’t all Rose & Reuben’s has to offer. Indeed, the back room hosts a party complete with a DJ, disco ball, and plenty of City Sweets ice cream. Because that’s how Häagen-Dazs does it.

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