Damson Idris and Teyana Taylor Help Reintroduce Hennessy

Hennessy wants to reintroduce itself as a versatile cognac and the brand is tapping Damson Idris and Teyana Taylor to help.

Two stylized photoshoot images: left features a man lounging on a chair, right shows a group enjoying a garden party
Two stylized photoshoot images: left features a man lounging on a chair, right shows a group enjoying a garden party

We know Hennessy. We’ve tasted Hennessy. As we began our foray into cognac, Hennessy was there guiding us. But somewhere along the way we lost “contact.” It wasn’t a rift of any kind, it just happened, which is par for the course in life. But Hennessy’s still there, with the same smooth flavor that first drew us to it in the first place.

To help shake up people’s perception of the brand and to also build on its rich legacy, Hennessy launched its “Made for more” campaign. A five-part film series, directed by Andreas Nilsson, highlights Teyana Taylor and Damson Idris as they use Hennessy in cocktails often made without it to show how versatile the beloved cognac is. Staples like the margarita, mojito and highball, were all remixed with Hennessy.

Woman lounging on a tennis court, with a drink, surrounded by Hennessy branding and snacks, in a stylish outfit

“Hennessy is well known everywhere but people don't always know about how versatile it is—how it brings more flavor, depth and complexity to all kinds of cocktails,” Julie Nollet, Global Chief Marketing Officer, says. “Our new ‘Made for more’ campaign is bringing to life this notion of 1+1=3, showcasing the unlimited possibilities and introducing another side of the brand with beauty, fun and open mindedness. It shakes up the brand perceptions and builds on its legacy for a new gen.”

Bottle of Hennessy with a cocktail glass, garnished with lime, and sliced limes on cutting board

When Hennessy tapped Taylor, a multi-talented entertainer, Taylor was nothing short of thankful for the opportunity. “I’m super excited to embark upon this journey with my favorite Cognac, Hennessy. Destination: fresh, bright, and invigorating, like any good cocktail should be,” Taylor says.

For the Snowfall actor, being part of the Made for more campaign was a full-circle moment. “When I think of Hennessy I think of my three older brothers, I think of amazing memories. The visuals are stylish, the films are fun, it’s magic. It’s cinema," Idris says.

Man in a suit sitting by a pool with a glass and bottle of Hennessy, desert backdrop, ad text overlay

Cheers to Hennessy! Glad to have you back.

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