Mase Reflects on Cam'ron Defending Him From Dame Dash With a Baseball Bat

The 'It Is What It Is' hosts reminisced on the incident during a recent interview with Stephen A. Smith.

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Since teaming up for their hit sports and pop culture show It Is What It Is, Mase and Cam'ron haven't shied away from reflecting on their past beef.

During a recent interview with Stephen A. Smith, Mase recalled a time when Killa Cam defended him after Dame Dash pulled up on the former Bad Boy rapper.

“Back in the day, a guy named Dame Dash said he was gonna beat me up, but Cam grabbed a baseball bat and said, ‘Dame, you can’t do that,'" Mase shared.

Cam shed light on the near-fight, adding, “That was a hard decision because we all was cool, but the thing about Dame is he’s one step lower than a professional boxer. He fought Golden Gloves. Like, that’s not a fair fight. Dame Dash, to be totally fair, that’s my big bro.”

It isn't the first time Mase has spoken out about the confrontation with Dame. During a conversation on MTV’s Rap Fix Live in 2012, the Harlem World rapper revealed his incident with Dame stemmed from Mase's beef with Jay-Z.

“It was a girl, she liked me. We did whatever we did. And it was somebody’s girlfriend that was in [Jay-Z’s] crew,” he said. “So then, me and Dame get into it."

Mase continued, “Dame wanna box with me, I tell him, ‘Let’s box.’ We didn’t end up boxing, everybody broke it up on 125th. I guess Jay inherited it because me and him never really had a problem. He said something, I said something back and that was about it.”

Watch Mase and Cam'ron's full interview on The Stephen A. Smith Show below.

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