Kenan Thompson Gives Promising Update on 'Good Burger 2'

25 years after the release of the iconic Nickelodeon comedy 'Good Burger,' Kenan Thompson has given a promising update on its long-awaited sequel.

Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell

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Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell

A quarter-century after the release of Good Burger, a sequel to the iconic Nickelodeon comedy is in the works.

In a conversation with Entertainment Tonight, Kenan Thompson, 44, confirmed the script for Good Burger 2 is near its completion.

“We’re getting really close on Good Burger 2,” Thompson said. “It’s gonna happen, and I think it’s gonna happen soon. We’re gonna figure out when the pocket of time will be to shoot it, but it’s gonna happen. It’s closer than it’s ever been. So, I don’t think anything is gonna derail it.”

Kenan added that his Good Burger co-star Kel Mitchell, also 44, “has not missed a step.”

“It’s like old slippers, and that character is just ripe for jokes,” Thompson shared. “We read like, over 100 pages and laughed the whole time. It was so much fun.”

He continued, “It’s on and crackin.’ That’s all I can say.”

The Kenan & Kel masterminds slid a Good Burger reference into the Thompson-hosted Emmys last month:

This Kenan & Kel reunion at The #Emmys. 🥹🫶

— Complex Pop Culture (@ComplexPop) September 13, 2022

Also in September, Thompson was asked by Entertainment Weekly if there’s “an All That sketch that you think would work on SNL,” where he holds the record as the longest-running cast member.

“I mean, I want to say Good Burger would work in a way—just the adult version or something like that,” he answered. “Adults having to work at Good Burger or whatever that version would be. A lot of the interstitial straight-to-camera things remind me of early ‘Weekend Update’ when they were doing Roseannadanna and like those very straight to camera without anybody’s help.”

Read Complex’s oral history of Good Burgerhere, and revisit our 2019 conversation with the stars below.

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