The entertainment world is mourning the death of Betty White, who passed away at her home Friday morning just three weeks before her 100th birthday. 

Ryan ReynoldsEllen DeGeneres, Ryan SeacrestHenry Winkler, Seth Meyers, and many others took to social media to pay their respects to Betty, whose eight-decade career included unforgettable roles in The Golden Girls and The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Reynolds, who starred alongside Betty in the 2009 comedy The Proposal, wrote, “The world looks different now. She was great at defying expectation. She managed to grow very old and somehow, not old enough. We’ll miss you, Betty. Now you know the secret.”

Meanwhile, Meyers referred to Betty as “the only SNL host I ever saw get a standing ovation at the after party.” The former SNL cast member added, “A party at which she ordered a vodka and a hotdog and stayed til the bitter end.”

Legendary actor Henry Winkler reflected on Betty’s humor, warmth, and activism. “It is very hard to absorb you are not here anymore,” he said. “But the memories of your deLIGHT are. Thank you for your humor, your warmth and your activism.”

Former CEO of Disney Bog Iger reiterated Winkler’s remarks about Betty’s warmth, saying, “Our Golden Girl, our friend, and our neighbor. Your wit, your charm, your warmth and your smile will always be with us.”

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