PROMO: Dwayne Johnson is Back in Ballers Season 2

Success. Hits. Hard.

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For Spencer Strasmore (Dwayne Johnson), the end of his football career was only the beginning. Now a financial advisor to some of the game’s hardest hitting hotheads, Spencer is learning pretty quickly that the toughest knocks he’ll ever take will happen off the field.

Ballers gives viewers a hilariously entertaining—yet honest and relatable—look at the world’s most talented football stars as they try to navigate their careers, relationships, and very identities. And in the second season, which premieres July 17th at 10 PM on HBO, the stakes are higher than ever for Spencer, as he must constantly put out fires for his clients while fighting off an old rival Andre Allen (Andy Garcia) who is looking to put him and his partner Joe (Rob Corddry) out of business. But unlike during his playing days, there is no offseason for Spencer—the game keeps going, and his only option is to win at all costs.

The second season of Ballers premieres July 17th at 10 PM, only on HBO, or stream it any time on HBO Now. Better get your game face on, y’all. It’s time to ball.

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