'Black Panther' Roars in China With $66.5 Million Weekend Box Office Debut

The film has already surpassed $1 billion worldwide.

This is a photo of Black Panther.

Image via Getty/Han Myung-Gu

This is a photo of Black Panther.

That Black Panther reign just won't let up! In a move that surprises no one, the film dominated China's box office during the country's opening weekend.

Black Panther grossed $66.5 million within its first three days in China, making it the largest opening of a Western title in the country in 2018 thus far, Variety reports. This financial gain there, which is the final foreign premiere market, is what helped the film push past its $1 billion total ticket sales goal worldwide. As of today, Black Panther has raked in $562 million domestically with a global box office total of $1.078 billion.

It is now the 33rd film to cross the $1 billion worldwide and is officially the first superhero origin story to reach that target. The film sits at the No. 21 position on the all-time highest-grossing list, trailing $6 million behind its DC rival The Dark Knight, which holds 20th place. If that wasn't enough record-breaking statistics for you, Black Panther is also the second highest-grossing MCU film of all time (in the domestic box office) behind The Avengers. The 2012 film scored $623 million in North America, while its 2015 successor Avengers: Age of Ultron comes in third place with $459 million.

Black Panther has already topped the box office for the fourth consecutive week, which crowned it with the title of third-largest fourth weekend of all time, following Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Avatar. What makes all of this history-making news even more exciting is that all of this insanity happened just 26 days following the movie's theatrical premiere.

Hey Ryan Coogler and Kevin Feige, we'll just be here impatiently waiting for the Black Panther sequel to drop!

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