Nicolas Cage Kills His (Movie) Kids in 'Mom and Dad' Trailer

Nicolas Cage has had enough in the trailer for this crazy horror-comedy.

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Nicolas Cage is a pretty bonkers guy, but the upcoming film Mom and Dad looks crazy—even for him. The trailer for the upcoming film has just surfaced online (you can watch it above), and it's pure Nic Cage madness. Billed as a horror-comedy, the film sees Cage alongside Selma Blair as they decide they've had enough of their kids. Compelled to murder, the duo and countless other parents begin tracking down their kids. It looks unapologetically over the top, meaning it's the perfect fit for Cage's distinct brand of chaos.

Written and directed by Brian Taylor, who previously worked on the Crank films and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, the film looks to be aiming for campy fun. Taylor is no stranger to outlandish concepts, as he's currently the showrunner of Syfy's inventive new series Happy!, which is about a hitman played by Christopher Meloni who comes back from the dead only to become friends with an imaginary cartoon horse. Mom and Dad has a darker premise, but from the tone of the trailer it doesn't appear to take itself too seriously. 

The trailer expands upon the concept of the film, explaining that this is a wider occurrence than just these two parents. Out of nowhere, parents everywhere begin attempting to kill their own kids en masse. Nic Cage and Selma Blair play the main villains of the film, while their kids are played by Anne Winters and Zackary Arthur. With how manic Cage looks in the trailer, it seems director Brian Taylor has gotten good mileage out of his lead actor.

Momentum Pictures will release Mom and Dad next month on January 19 via theaters and VOD.

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