Larry David's Daughter Cazzie Says Seeing Him Go Viral for Plugging Ears at NYFW Was 'Disturbing'

Larry David went viral earlier this month after he was spotted plugging his ears at New York Fashion Week, but his daughter doesn't think the video was funny.

Cazzie and Larry David

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Cazzie and Larry David

Larry David went viral earlier this month after he was spotted plugging his ears at New York Fashion Week, but his daughter Cazzie David doesn’t think the video was funny.

On the latest episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast, Cazzie told host Alexandra Cooper she found the viral clip “disturbing.” Many people found the moment charming, relatable, or just funny, as the Curb Your Enthusiasm genius appeared to trying to block out the loud music as models strutted the runway.

Cazzie, however, thinks her father looked like he was having a “breakdown” at the event.

“I found it so, like, disturbing. Like I’m happy everyone thought it was so funny and relatable. For me, this was like a man who was dragged to some place he doesn’t want to be, that he didn’t know what it would be,” said when she was asked for her opinion on the viral clip. “He doesn’t know what a fashion show is."

Cazzie thinks Larry, who has been spotted plugging his ears at other loud events in the past, was probably asked to attend and didn't particularly want to.

“Someone was like: ‘Will you please come to this fashion show with me?’ But he didn’t want to go, obviously, like I know him. So the moment that’s going viral…he looks like he’s having a breakdown. Like truly,” she added. “Like, he looks so miserable and I obviously don’t like seeing my dad miserable whether or not it’s funny.”

She also insisted that regardless of how funny Larry David is (as both Curb and Seinfeld have proved), he wouldn’t play up looking “miserable” in public for a laugh.

“He would also never do anything to try and be funny. I don’t think he’s ever done anything in his life like that to be funny.” 

“It was simply too loud for him to be there. Like, it’s very sad,” she said, while letting out a laugh. While she has yet to speak with her father about the moment, she said she texted her sister Romy about the clip and they were “both just like, ‘Oy, this is so sad.’”

It did admittedly look like a scene straight from Curb Your Enthusiasm, but it’s clear David has not always a fan of big events like NYFW. Recently he revealed he was uninvited to Barack Obama’s 60th birthday party this year, and he was actually glad he didn’t have to attend anymore. “I was so relieved, I screamed, ‘Thank you! Thank you!’” he said. “Then I hung up the phone, poured myself a drink, and finished my crossword puzzle.

He was also spotted having lunch and enjoying an espresso martini in New York City with Timothée Chalamet not too long ago, and he appeared to be in much higher spirits there. 

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