Drew Carey Opens Up About His Struggles With Depression, Attempted Suicide Twice

The 'Price is Right' host said he struggled a lot with his mental health when he was younger.

Matt Winkelmeyer via Getty Images

Comedian and The Price Is Right host Drew Carey has opened up about his struggles with depression throughout his life and revealed he attempted suicide twice when he was younger.

In an interview on Who's Talking to Chris Wallace? earlier this week, Carey shared that he attempted when he was 18 and again when he was in his early 20s. "I think that suicide attempts were calls for help," Carey, 65, told Wallace. "I was so mad that everybody was having a good time, and I was just tired of my life and who's gonna miss me? I have a lot of that still. Like who's gonna miss me type of thing."

He added during particularly dark moments, who thought about being cremated and not wanting to have a funeral and "anything associated with, like, all my mementos and stuff." He continued, "You can just burn them and give them away. Like, who cares?""

During the height of his depression, he recalled walking through a fraternity party at Kent State University and feeling angry that others around him were happy. "'What the hell are they so happy about?'" he thought to himself. "I was just angry that they were so happy. I was just tired of my life and... Who's gonna miss me?"

Thankfully, he said that his mental health these days "is now in a much better place." He said he found "purpose" in life after joining the Marine Corps Reserve, in which he served from 1980 to 1986. "I still get depressed, often, just like everyone else," he said. "But it's not as bad. I mean, just because you're a celebrity and you have money doesn't mean bad things don't happen to you or you don't have bad days. Everybody's a person."

In 2020, Carey faced personal tragedy when his former fiancée Amie Harwick was murdered at age 38 by Gareth Pursehouse, 45. The man, who previously dated Pursehouse, has since been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

In an interview shortly after her murder, Carey called her a "beautiful person who didn't deserve to die like she did." He described their relationship as the "best relationship of my life" and shared that he still "loved her very much."

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