'Doom' Creator Will Release 18 New Levels for the Original Game

The original id Software-developed 'Doom' arrived all the way back in 1993, changing the landscape of video games forever.

John Romero

Image via Getty/Rosdiana Ciaravolo

John Romero

The original id Software-developed Doom arrived all the way back in 1993, changing the landscape of video games forever. Popularizing the first-person shooter genre and offering a glimpse of what developers could do with both 3D graphics and multiplayer, the original entry in the series remains influential to this day. Doom is officially celebrating its 25th anniversary today, and one of the classic's co-creators has announced his plans to revisit the game with some newly created levels.

John Romero announced Monday that he'll be releasing 18 new maps for the original game in 2019 with Sigil. Including nine single-player levels and nine multiplayer deathmatch levels, Sigil is a spiritual successor and will pick up where the original Doom left off.

Romero previously made a new level for the game more than 20 years after it originally launched, telling the Guardian, "One of the only reasons Doom is still popular is because we released the source code so others could make it work on more modern computers. Because the source is out there, everyone can play Doom on just about any device or computer.” The new project has no involvement from id Software or ZeniMac Media Inc., the current holders of the Doom license. 

Romero Games will also be offering two limited edition physical releases of the game created by Limited Run Games, and they'll both come with new music by guitarist Buckethead. Read up more on Sigil here, and look for it when it launches next year for free in February.

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