Visual Artist Shantell Martin Shares “The Importance of Conversation” NFT Collection

Following the unveiling of her “The Importance of Process” collection last year, the new collection via Nifty Gateway—animated by Ben Sheppee.

Headshot of Shantell Martin

Image by Catalina Kulczar

Headshot of Shantell Martin

Shantell Martin, the visual artist who has worked in collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, the New York City Ballet, and beyond, launched her “The Importance of Conversation” NFT collection on Saturday. 

Following the unveiling of her “The Importance of Process” collection last year, the new series available via Nifty Gateway—animated by Ben Sheppee and highlighting her signature black and white drawings— touches on conversation and the overall purpose of art.

“Through this collection, I hope to expand on the purpose of art and creativity,” Martin shared in a release. “For me, true art is the application of creativity. Art is about creating and actively engaging in conversation. Conversations that create connections, a deeper understanding of oneself and the outside world, shift perceptions & ultimately lead to undeniable growth and lasting positive change. Change that benefits not just a select few but ALL. ”

The animated collection includes works called “I Sea You, You Sea Me,” “Make and Share,” “Growing Is Knowing,” and “Is It Real?,” all of which were available with 20 editions each.

Martin has also unleashed collaborative collection “Let’s Draw Together,” with Jon Burgerman, over the weekend. A video entitled “The Importance of Conversation” is up for auction as well, featuring the artist speaking directly to a camera about art being a conversation with oneself. 

You can take a look at the collection here

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