Not a Prank: 'Punk'd' Is Coming Back

Get out the trucker hat.

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Celebrities have had it good for the last couple of years—they've been able to live their lives without worry, with no need to be looking around corners waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out. But those days are over. Punk'd, the show that made Beyonce look like the Grinch, Justin Timberlake cry, and Kanye West freak out (before Kanye West freakouts were really a thing), is coming back.

BET, which, like MTV, is owned by Viacom, announced today that they were reviving the prank show, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The network promised a revamped version of the show that will cater to BET's audience and include new behind-the-scenes looks at the pranks, all the way from their conceptualization to their execution. Talent for the new Punk'd is yet to be confirmed, so Ashton Kutcher, don't go dusting off your collection of Von Dutch trucker hats just yet.

Asked to comment on the reboot, all celebrities were like:




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