Naya Rivera to (Probably) Drag Big Sean in Memoir 'Sorry, Not Sorry'

Naya Rivera is cleaning out her closet.

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Here is a list of things Naya Rivera has (reportedly or definitely) done:

I don't wanna say that Naya Rivera is crazy—mostly because she WILL find me, and she WILL kill me—but her track record is pretty hard to argue with. And now we can add this to the list: Naya is officially releasing a memoir, titled Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, and Growing Up. According to Publisher's Weekly, the book will be a "warts-and-all" tell-all in which she'll offer "candid thoughts on topics ranging from dating... to the challenges of being mixed-race in Hollywood."

That sound you hear is every man who has come into contact with Naya Rivera ducking for cover.

And if you think Naya isn't out for blood with this likely Pulitzer Prize-winner, look no further than the title. Sorry Not Sorry is taken directly from the hook of Naya's song, "Sorry," which of course, featured a verse from Big Sean.

Sean, Naya may not be sorry, but I really am. The memoir is set to drop in the spring of 2016.

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