Olivia Munn Explains Why Johnny Depp Did "Mortdecai"

Olivia Munn talked about Johnny Depp grabbing her boob on "Conan."

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After Dark ShadowsThe Lone Ranger and TranscendenceJohnny Depp is in dire need of a hit. Unfortunately, Mortdecai, a goofy-ass-looking movie about a British spy (it looks like The Naked Gun if The Naked Gun wasn't funny), doesn't seem to be it. So why did the Deppster land on this mess that's getting buried at the end of January? Did he just wanna try out another silly accent? Was he into his character's facial hair?

Thanks to Depp's co-star Olivia Munn, it looks like we've got our answer—there's a part in the movie where Depp gets to repeatedly grab Munn's boob. The actress talked about shooting the racy scene on Conan last night, and while she and the late-night host agreed that Depp probably didn't mind filming it, she uh, wasn't really into it.

Oh well. At least we now know why Mortdecai exists. And don't lie, you'd do a lot worse to cop a feel.

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