'Entourage' Movie Exclusive: Turtle's Not a Loser Anymore

He's not fat anymore either.

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"Didn't you used to be really fat?"

You can thank Ronda Rousey for asking the question everyone was thinking. But your eyes aren't deceiving you—that is actually Vinny Chase's lovable driver, Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), in the Entourage movie. And not only is he not fat anymore—IRL, Ferrara lost a ton of weight to play boxer Arturo Gatti for a movie that's yet to be made—but he's also suuuper successful. 

Long gone is the guy who couldn't get Saigon's career off the ground, or that other business venture where hot girls drove limos (the mid-aughts really were an amazing time)—now dude's a millionaire, and not because he was just saving his allowance from Vince. 

We'll let Ferrara and Entourage director Doug Ellin take it from here. Watch the exclusive clip above, then check out the movie when it hits theaters on June 3.

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