Sneaker Shopping And Lexus Surprise Kids With 360 Pairs Of New Sneakers For Christmas

The children of Community Partners of Dallas received 360 reasons to be happy this holiday season. See how it all came together.

Megan Burch

It’s that time of year, when the fireplace is crackling, the holiday lights are gleaming, and children are gathering around Christmas trees waiting to see what the man in red snuck down the chimney. It’s the time when the magic is in the air, but not everyone gets to feel it. So this holiday season, Joe La Puma and the Sneaker Shopping team partnered with Lexus to surprise children at the Community Partners of Dallas with top-notch sneakers and a get-fresh feeling.

Community Partners of Dallas is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children who have been abused and neglected heal and prevail. CPD offers an assortment of programs and resources for kids to thrive, including the Kids in Crisis program, the Night Response Support program, and the Rainbow Room, which serves as an “emergency resource center providing critical items for children in need.” And this holiday season, the foundation’s need for shoes was critical, so Sneaker Shopping, Joe La Puma, and Lexus arrived right on time.

It was a rainy day in Dallas, but the weather didn’t stop Lexus from fulfilling its promise. Lexus and the Sneaker Shopping team pulled up to CPD’s Love Field area neighborhood with boxes of shoes to unload—360 pairs of assorted must-own sneakers, to be exact.

Once the shoes were inside, the case workers at CPD peeked into the boxes and began to source sneakers for their kids.

“I think a lot of confidence comes with getting a new pair of sneakers,” JLP says with a smile. “A lot of people build their outfits around the footwear, and at any age, unboxing a new pair of sneakers is an immediate feel-good moment.”

This sneaker drop isn’t the first time Lexus and Community Partners of Dallas have worked together; in fact, they’ve partnered on programs for the past eight years. Through four annual initiatives, corporate team members assist with CPD’s yearly toy drive, backpack supply drive, and building 100-plus bikes for children. Team members also volunteer during the holidays to support gift wrapping and gift distribution. And this year, Lexus made it a year to remember by donating an additional $30,000 to CPD.

For La Puma, who knew how committed Lexus has been to CPD, working with the luxury car brand was a no-brainer.

“I’ve heard [Lexus] name-dropped in some of my favorite songs, and always took notice when I saw it on the road as a kid. When the opportunity came to me to not only work with Lexus but give back in the process, it was exciting. It’s the season of getting and receiving gifts, but there’s no true better feeling than an unexpected surprise,” La Puma says. “I’m happy to give back at the perfect time of year.”

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