Film Director Eddie Huang and His Father Dig Deep Into Their Family Journey

Watch film director and chef Eddie Huang recreate a traditional Taiwanese noodle dish while discussing Eddie's upbringing in Hennessy X.O.‘s ’Original Odyssey.

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As Hennessy X.O. continues its Original Odyssey series, viewers will see film director and chef Eddie Huang sit down and have an intimate conversation with his father, Louis Huang, over a traditional Taiwanese noodle dish: Dan Dan Mian. 

Eddie and his dad work together in the kitchen to make a special schezwan sauce created with peppercorn and sesame paste. The two go back and forth about the importance of the various aspects of their culture and Eddie’s father’s driving desire to make sure his son would never become an “average joe.”

When asked if he would have done anything differently regarding the way he raised Eddie, Mr. Huang said that he would have communicated more patiently with the film director and his siblings.

Watch Eddie and his father address the impacts and effects of their culture in episode 2 of Original Odyssey above. Be sure to catch up on episode 1 here.

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