This Was the Worst Domestic Box Office Weekend of the Year

Basically no one cared to see any movies this weekend because it was the absolute worst domestic box office of the year.

Image via OpenSource

Apparently nobody wanted to see hunky Bradley Cooper chef it up in Burnt this weekend. No one seemed to care if Matt Damon made it home from Mars in The Martian, and people really didn't care to see Goosebumps this Halloween because according to Box Office Mojo this was the worst domestic box office weekend of 2015. 

Ridley Scott's The Martian came in first at the box office with $11.4 million, making it a total of $182.8 million. It's $4.8 million shy of being Scott's highest-grossing film, domestically. Goosebumps came in second with $10.2 million, putting it at $57.1 million, so far. Steven Spielberg's Bridge of Spies, starring Tom Hanks came in third with $8 million. Hotel Transylvania drew in $5.8 million, making it a total $156 million. Bradley Cooper's Burnt made $5 million, and Sandra Bullock had her worst wide release opening EVER with OurBrand is Crisis, which only pulled in $3.4 million. Everyone was basically too busy trick-or-treating this weekend to see movies. 

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