Harrison Ford Sneaks Into 'Star Wars' Screening, Surprises Fans

"Let's make a deal – don't tell your friend what you've seen here today," Harrison Ford said.

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Harrison Ford can do no wrong. May the force always stay with him. On Thursday, Ford surprised fans at a special event for a limited group of Star Warsfanatics in Australia. Even crazier, Han Solo was able to sneak into the theater without being noticed.

Fans were able to see ten minutes of the upcoming Star Wars: Force Awakens film at Sydney's Darling Harbour. In fact, fans saw the exclusive footage at an IMAX theater where Ford slipped into the screening incognito, according to the Australian publicationBMag.

Our special guest at the #StarWars #TheForceAwakens Fan Event #HarrisonFord poses with excited fans. pic.twitter.com/vmeYG1gdbQ

— Star Wars AUNZ (@StarWarsAUNZ) December 10, 2015

After the preview was over, BMag reports fans were shocked to see Han Solo himself. Ford stood up and out of his seat so fans could see him. "Let's make a deal – don't tell your friend what you've seen here today," he said. The writer of the BMag article, Rohan Williams reveals in awe, "As if by magic, a spotlight hit the actor, who promised the audience that there was plenty more where that came from, and asked us to keep our lips sealed."

The force is strong with Ford and apparently the film delivers a powerful force, too. BMag points out, "an IMAX theater full of Star Wars fans was so engrossed by what we were seeing on screen that none of us noticed Harrison Ford stroll in and take a seat." Star Wars: Force Awakens hits theaters on December 18.

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