Channing Tatum Practically Begged for His 'Hateful Eight' Role, Reveals He Emailed Tarantino for a Month

He really worked for this role.

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Channing Tatum has a lot of dedication when it comes to his movie roles. Sometimes he whips himself into shape for roles where he's practically naked (Magic Mike XXL ring a bell?), and for others he sends "an email a day for a month" to one of Hollywood's favorite directors—Quentin Tarantino.

While fans anticipate the opening of Tarantino's latest film, The Hateful Eight, we still have no clue as to who Tatum's character is in the movie. In fact, The Weinstein Company has refused to release or even hint at Tatum's role. He's not even in the trailers. However, Tatum does reveal how he sort of landed a role in Tarantino's film. 

The Magic Mike star appeared on The Tonight Show on Friday and toldJimmy Fallon about how he planned to be part of The Hateful Eight. He sent Tarantino "about an email a day for about a month" hoping and slightly "threatening" that any other actors interested in the role wouldn't land the part. "I was praying no one tough was really up for the role," he joked.

Tatum jokingly suggested to be locked in a room with any other actors to fight for the part. "I'm so happy he didn't say, 'Well Mike Tyson is up for this role.'" And while Tatum didn't have to literally roughhouse with any other actors, he did note he was "terrified" during his first table read with cast members Bruce Dern, Kurt Russell, and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Tatum told Fallon about his table read experience with the cast, specifically with Dern, "I made this really dumb, overzealous decision and I pull him in really close, and this is at a table read, and I almost pull Bruce Dern out of his chair and he's like, 'You jerk! You almost pulled my arm out of the socket!' I'm like, 'Oh my God. I just almost killed one of the best actors of our time.' And I'm mortified."

Watch the full video clip above.

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