The Biggest Video Game Myths, Revealed

These myths might blow your mind.

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Remember when you used to blow into your Nintendo cartridge to get it to work? (Okay, well maybe we should've known better than to blow into ourLegend of Zelda cartridges because the game manual actually warned against doing that very thing.) Thankfully those days are over, and Gameranx has debunked that silly theory along with nine other video game myths that will surely blow your mind.

Remember the freaky Twin Tower coincidence in the 2000 game Deus Ex? Truthers thought Deus Ex predicted the future 911 attacks because the World Trade Center was missing from the NYC skyline. Another theory was that the game was an alternate New York—but not so. The truth is "developers had to crop the skyline to fit the limitations of the game's engine," according to Gameranx.

It was also once rumored that Big Foot would appear in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. While he never showed up in that game (because reasons), developers paid tribute to the Big Foot rumors and added him in Grand Theft Auto V: Los Santos.

Check out the video above for a full rundown of the video game myths you once thought were true.

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