The Hulk and Wolverine Teaming to Fight the 'Hulkverine' in New Comic

The Hulk and Wolverine are pairing up to fight a clone in 'Hulkverines.'

the hulk
Image via Getty/Ollie Millington
the hulk

The Hulk and Wolverine are teaming up in a new series to take down a super-soldier created by splicing their DNA together. In the aptly named upcoming series Hulkverines, Logan and Bruce Banner will join forces as the only heroes who can stop a grey Hulk clone with adamantium claws. 

The clone has actually existed in the Marvel universe for some time now. Known as Weapon H, he's anchored his own solo series where he fought plenty of Marvel's best. The soldier formerly known as Clay eventually reasserted control over his own brainwashed mind. Once he was free, Weapon H tried to figure out how to get his life back on track. 

It remains to be seen what while spark the fight between Weapon H and two of Marvel's top-tier good guys. The crossover series will be penned by Weapon H writer Greg Pak. Art duties will be split between Weapon H artists Ario Anindito and Guiu Villanova. The three-part miniseries will launch in February. 


Fans of both the Hulk and Wolverine have been eyeing a big-screen team up for forever. But thanks to Marvel's mid-90s fire sale of the rights to some of its most famous characters, the X-Men and the Avengers have spent the superhero movie boom apart, regardless of how buck-wild their clones get. Marvel bought back the rights to Wolverine and the rest of the X-Men from 20th Century Fox late last year, but this crossover will have to do until Marvel can put together another blockbuster Avengers movie (and figure out how to replace a departing Hugh Jackman). 

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