Ice-T’s Son Responds to Criticism for Cutting Twitch Streamer’s Hair on Camera: ‘I Would Do It Again'

The 31-year-old Twitch streamer and son of rapper Ice-T is facing criticism for a controversial 'prank' involving another streamer's hair.

Malek_04 / Twitch / Via

Tracy Marrow Jr., the son of the rapper/actor Ice-T, is facing backlash for cutting off a portion of a steamer’s hair as a “prank” during a Twitch party.

The incident took place at a house party on the weekend of TwitchCon in Las Vegas where streamer Malek_04 was broadcasting from. In the clip, the 31-year-old, who also goes by ICE Marrow per his social media accounts, is seen approaching Malek, 23, and takes a whiff of her hair while she was eating an orange in front of the camera. Marrow then appears to pull out a pair of scissors and begins to cut off a small lock of hair, presumably without her consent.

Ice T’s son cut Twitch streamers hair off without her consent

— Dexerto (@Dexerto) October 23, 2023
Twitter: @Dexerto

“Wait, what the fuck?” says Malek as she pulls away. Others are heard off screen saying “What the fuck?” as Marrow shows off the hair to the camera and says “Who wants it? I just cut her hair.”

The incident quickly went viral on social media when with users criticizing Marrow, and some questioning whether his actions could be considered assault.

On Monday, Marrow took to his X account to apologize, writing, “I guess im a bad guy @Dexerto Sorry @Malek04Official my intrusive thoughts won.”

However, Marrow appears to be walking back on his apology based on a series of new tweets from the streamer.

"I would do it Again lol these comments wont stop me," he wrote in a reply to Dexerto's account followed by a devil emoji.

"Had the whole World Turn on me in just one day lol Im the Bad Guy now fuck it Who's Getting there Hair Cut Next" he tweeted early Wednesday morning.

When asked by another user why the others didn't step in to intervene during the incident, Marrow merely responded with, "Because they know not to try me thats why lol." During an argument with another user who criticized his actions, Marrow clarified that the supposed prank wasn't fake.

Malek issued a brief statement via her X account, writing, "10 million views in less than 24hrs is insane. Yes, this is me. I appreciate everyone who has been reaching out, I will address the situation live on my twitch..."

Marrow's father, Ice-T, did not comment on the matter via his social media accounts at publishing time.

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