Halloween Ends, the final chapter in the Michael Myers reboot trilogy, debuts on Oct. 14. This will most likely be the final time we see Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) take on her lifelong adversary. Despite the universally negative reviews for the middle chapter Halloween Kills, the appeal of a final showdown should make Halloween Ends a financial success.

It also bears mentioning: Jason Blum is producing Halloween Ends, under his Blumhouse Productions banner. And Blum does not miss.

Blum is one of Hollywood’s most successful film producers because he recognizes that horror movies are consistently both profitable and low-budget. There is little risk but massive, potential reward. It’s not uncommon for a Blumhouse film to make back 10 times, or even 20 times, its budget.

So instead of a $100 million film barely breaking even, you have a film like Paranormal Activity 2, which was made for $3 million, earning $177.5 million. And because Blumhouse filmmakers have unprecedented creative freedom—another benefit of a low budget—they occasionally create the sort of weird, twisted horror films that upend and redefine the genre.

Here is the cream of the crop. We’ve ranked the 12 best Blumhouse horror movies. The latest Blumhouse project, Halloween Ends, debuts on Oct. 14, on Peacock and in theaters nationwide.