Joe Exotic, the infamous Tiger King subject who's soon to be portrayed by none other than Nicolas Cage, is still pushing hard for a pardon.

The latest word on the efforts of Exotic's Eric Love-helmed legal team is that the team is set to visit Washington D.C. next week. Per a TMZ report, Love's team will fly to D.C. next Wednesday for what’s described as a "high level" meeting "in connection with" their push for a pardon.

The date, Jan. 6, is said to have been strategically chosen to coincide with the certification of Joe Biden's presidential victory. A former Apprentice host and failed steak salesman, of course, is planning some sort of a rally for that same day and is also rumored to be announcing a string of last-minute pardons.

Exotic's legal team will take a private jet from Texas to D.C. for the trip. According to Thursday's report, the private jet in question will feature a depiction of Exotic's face.

Given that I have yet to hit the 250 word count requirement for this article, let's again mention that Mr. Cage will indeed by portraying Exotic in a forthcoming scripted series. As announced back in May, Cage will play the Tiger King star in a series from Imagine Television Studios and CBS Television Studios. The eight-episode series, per a Variety report at the time, is based on Leif Reigstad's Texas Monthly article "Joe Exotic: A Dark Journey Into the World of a Man Gone Wild."