In a rare appearance on Twitter on Friday, Donald Glover listed his favorite rappers right now and teased the delayed third and fourth seasons of Atlanta.

Glover popped up on Twitter to reveal that the Get Your Booty to the Polls ad campaign was created by Atlanta alum Angela Barnes Gomes, and that originally she asked him to rap on it. "She asked me to rap on it, but @Steve_G_Lover [Stephen Glover] is a better," he tweeted.

He then used the opportunity to tease Atlanta in a big way, comparing the third and forth TV seasons to one of the most beloved series of all time. "While I'm here: Atlanta s3+s4 are going to be some of the best television ever made," he tweeted. "Sopranos only ones who can touch us."

This isn't the first time Glover has compared his Emmy-winning series to another critically acclaimed show, as he alluded to being inspired by David Lynch's Twin Peaks before the first season aired. "I just always wanted to make Twin Peaks with rappers," he remarked in 2016.

The third and fourth seasons of Atlanta were pushed back earlier this year over coronavirus pandemic concerns. The current plan is to begin shooting Season 3 early 2021, with a premiere planned for sometime later in the year. It is expected that Seasons 3 and 4 will be shot back-to-back, as was the goal before COVID-19.