Chappelle certainly had plenty to say about COVID-19. "I've never seen this before," Chappelle state. "You've never seen something as large as the American economy stop and then start back up. But it's a global phenomenon. It's not like it's just happening to us. We're just handling it terribly." 

The comedian also spoke about what it was like to do shows in the immediate wake of the virus gaining significant traction in the States. “The last night we [Chappelle and Rawlings] were on tour, in Milwaukee. It was the last night between shows—it’s a two-show night—and the energy had changed. It went from festive to people looking worried when I got off stage,” he said. “Tom Hanks had had it. The one NBA player who touched all the mics [Rudy Gobert] had had it. And the horn starts ringing that they’re gonna shut the country down. I literally go, ‘That’s impossible.’”

Chappelle states that when he went out to do the second show, his “behavior changed almost immediately” in how he interacted with the assembled crowd. It was interesting,” he concluded.