Some students go to college to be creative and some go to pursue a profession. But others, like Ohio State State freshman Justen, are smart enough to know they don’t have to choose between those two options. Instead, this passionate young filmmaker and Black Lives Matter advocate is heading to college knowing he can balance his love of making movies with a desire for business acumen, choosing to major in business marketing while pursuing film on the side. At Complex, we love that balance of passion, productivity, and community, which is why we tapped Target to send Justen some dorm decor and school supplies, while pairing him with Nadeska to give him some advice on school life, leveling up, and optimizing his minimalist living space for maximal productivity. Of course, with the global pandemic Justen is still unsure where he’ll be living as he heads to school, so to be on the safe side, Complex shipped all his new stuff to his parents’ Ohio house. Peep Justen’s favorite Target items below and be sure to tune in to his episode of Complex’s Space Lift which drops later today.

Room Essentials™ Stick Lamp

Price: $15 | Buy here.

Room Essentials™ 3 Shelf Utility Storage Cart 

Price: $20 | Buy here.

Room Essentials™ Ribbed Plush Pillow 

Price: $10 | Buy here.

Room Essentials™ 2'x3' Shag Solid Accent Rug

Price: $14 | Buy here.

Room Essentials™ 10pk Thin Plastic Hangers Gray

Price: $3 | Buy here.