Masika Kalysha's promotional stunt has landed her at the center of controversy.

On Tuesday night, the former Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star shared an unsettling Instagram video in which she claimed to have been kidnapped. A bloodied and bruised Kalysha was seen in lingerie as she tearfully begged her followers for help. She then claimed her kidnappers wouldn't let her go unless people subscribed to her OnlyFans account and left tips; this, of course, led many to believe Kalysha was simply acting.

"I've been kidnapped. I'm in a warehouse somewhere. Idk where! I'm so scared!" she captioned the video. "They took all my money and they want more! Please! Help Me! Click the link in my bio & Subscribe to my only fans and tip me so they'll let me go!!! They're coming!!!!"

Shortly after the post went up, Kalysha returned with another video that confirmed she had not been kidnaped. The reality star claimed she was working on a project about sex trafficking and wanted to use her platform to raise awareness about the issue.

"Now that I got your attention, I want to talk about something very important. Sorry if I scared you, but sometimes you need that shock factor," she said in a subsequent video. "... I'm on set right now filming for my new show—this is all camera makeup. I'm totally fine, you guys ... This is a very challenging role for me because this is something I am very passionate about and shooting this show, I've done a lot of research and I've had to dig deep and I just, you know, found out things that I never wanted to know." 

Kalysha then went on to say she had teamed up with the R.O.S.E. organization, which aims to help victims of sexual exploitation.

"I need you to follow them," she said about the nonprofit. "They are doing great things to rescue children and women that have been sex trafficked, and I'll be posting a lot more about this ..."

R.O.S.E. founder Toni D. Rivera, R.O.S.E. has since responded to the video, stating she appreciates Kalysha's support but did not approve of the stunt.

"My organization will not be receiving money or accepting donations from OnlyFans or FansOnly or whatever it's called," Rivera said in an Instagram video. "... That video triggered a lot of people. I had a lot of people in my DMs, I had a lot of people asking me questions about it, asking if I'm partnering with her. No, R.O.S.E. is mine."

Kalysha responded to Rivera's video with a letter she claimed to have received from the R.O.S.E. organization. The letter, which is apparently signed by Rivera, welcomes Kalysha to the nonprofit's advisory board. Rivera, however, claimed the letter wasn't from her.

"Don't know what you're trying to do homegirl, but I'm not the one," Rivera said in a follow-up video. "... That letter, whatever you sent or posted, that's not me ... I didn't write that, I didn't text that, I didn't send you that. It's not even on my letter. Don't know who could've did it, but you had no permission to do anything you did with the video ... I don't condone FansOnly and I damn sure don't get into the fuckery of triggering people with sex trafficking."