Bill Pullman is urging Americans to wear their "freedom masks," as the nation marks its Independence Day amid surging COVID-19 infections.

The 66-year-old actor made his case in a new public service announcement from the Alamo Drafthouse. The video goes heavy on the patriotic vibes, and finds Pullman paying tribute to one of his most memorable roles: President Thomas J. Whitmore in 1996's Independence Day.

"And now, a message from the most presidential actor of all time, Bill Pullman," the PSA begins, before cutting to the actor sitting on a couch speaking into his camera phone.

"Hello America. I may not be your president right now, but I’ve got to tell you that Fourth of July is still my favorite holiday, and it always will be," he said. The PSA then switches to a clip of President Whitmore's rousing speech to U.S. military, as they prepare to take on the alien invaders from the iconic Will Smith movie. 

"This Independence Day, I’m going to be celebrating my freedom in an important way. I’m going to be wearing my freedom mask every time I go into public," Pullman continued. "That’s right — freedom mask. Because if all of America agreed to wear one of these going into public places, we’d be a little closer to being free to safely go back to places like bars and restaurants and schools and, most importantly, movie theaters."

You can check out the full PSA above.

Fourth of July comes as a number of states reported alarming surges in new coronavirus cases. Health experts are now bracing for additional spikes following the national holiday, as they fear some Americans will fail to follow social distancing guidelines. Roberta Schwartz, the chief innovation officer at Houston Methodist Hospital, urged citizens to skip large gatherings this holiday weekend, and instead celebrate in their homes.

"We keep giving the message: Your patriotic duty this July Fourth is to stay home," she told NBC News, "... celebrate with your nuclear family and not go out and try to have a party, because this is not the time for that."