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Riverdale star, Lili Reinhart, came out a bisexual via her Instagram Story on Wednesday.

"Although I’ve never announced it publicly before, I am a proud bisexual woman," she wrote. "And I will be joining this protest today. Come join."

Reinhart was last linked to Riverdale co-star, Cole Sprouse. But a source confirmed to Us Weekly that the couple parted ways last month.

In addition to sharing her sexuality with fans, Reinhart has been vocal in the current fight against injustice. The actress told her followers that she was bisexual by sharing a graphic for an LGBTQ+ rally to support Black Lives Matter in Los Angeles. She's also sent out social media posts in support of the protesters.

"I want to say that I am ashamed of the racism that exists in this country. We are taught to look at our police officers as helpful and friendly when we learn about 'leaders' in elementary school. Our 'leaders' have failed us today," she wrote. "I can’t begin to imagine the horror of worrying that you won’t be protected by your 'leaders' because of the color of your skin. I know that white privilege exists and I could never fully understand what it’s like to be oppressed because of my race. I don’t have all the right words, but I stand by you. #BlackLivesMatter."

Additionally, Reinhart has opened up her Instagram for black activists to share their experiences with her followers.