Martin Lawrence and Will Smith's box office domination continued, as Bad Boys for Life topped the box office once again, becoming the franchise's highest-grossing film.

After just 17 days in theaters, the third installment in the franchise has generated $291 million at the global box office, Variety reports. That's $20 million more than the $271 million that Bad Boys II pulled in during its theatrical run. 1995's Bad Boys ended up grossing $141 million worldwide by comparison.

$17.7 million of Bad Boy's for Life's total came this weekend, giving its third straight week at number one domestically. The film has now earned $148 million in the United States alone.

Following Bad Boy's for Life's box office supremacy is 1917. So far, 1917 has amassed $249 million globally and this number is expected to spike if the film wins a Best Picture Oscar, as many are predicting. Unfortunately for both Bad Boys for Life and 1917, their time atop the box office will likely come to an end next week, when DC's newest movie, Birds of Prey storms into theaters. 

The success of the latest Bad Boys sequel means that we're all but guaranteed a fourth installment, which is already reportedly in the works. That means we won't have to wait another 17 years, which is how much time passed between parts two and three. 

"The script wasn't right," Lawrence said of the wait between the films. "And Will, to his credit, refused to do the movie until the script was right. It wouldn't have been a good movie. We didn't want that. We wanted to do a sequel where people would go, 'Oh, man, that's what I'm talking about. It just gets better.'"