Star Wars fans are pissed at Jason Sudeikis and Adam Pally. 

The 44-year-old actor made a cameo on The Mandalorian season finale, in which Sudeikis and Pally played a couple of stormtroopers who kidnapped the adorable and widely beloved Baby Yoda. As expected, the duo added some comedy to the Taika Waititi directed-episode titled "Chapter 8: Redemption"; however, there was one scene that drew mixed reactions, ranging from amused to shocked to down right infuriated.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

While attempting to take The Child to Moff Gideon, Sudeikis and Pally's stormtroopers get a little restless as they wait for authorization to continue their journey. During their wait, Sudeikis punches Baby Yoda twice with the hopes of quieting The Child. At one point, Pally's character becomes concerned that the Baby Yoda could be dead, as he hasn't made much movement inside the bag in which he was stuffed. Also, he was hit. So, the stormtrooper opens up the sack to find the big-eyed baby creature still breathing. And let's just say, his heart didn't exactly melt. The stormtrooper seemed somewhat disgusted by Baby Yoda and then poked it with his finger while asking, "What is that?" As he goes in for another poke, Baby Yoda bites the stormtrooper's finger, prompting him to punch—yes, punch—the 50-year-old baby. 

Naturally, audiences weren't too thrilled with the scene, and they made sure to let Sudeikis and Pally know.

Fortunately, Sudeikis and Pally were later reprimanded by droid IG-11 for punching The Child.

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