Though an hour-long takeover of The Late Late Show from Harry Styles in which he solely discussed his upcoming new album at length would have been preferred, what fans were given instead on Tuesday night was fair enough.

The episode included a drive-to-work mini-edition of that whole carpooling thing, an opening monologue from Styles in which he discussed matters of Trump's impeachment, a performance of single "Adore You," a couch chat with Tracee Ellis Ross and Kendall Jenner, and more.

Asked to name her favorite defensive aircraft by band leader Reggie Watts, Ross gave an excellent answer. "Wonder-Woman's invisible plane, please," she said. Jenner, meanwhile, chose the Stealth Bomber.

Ross and Styles also traded takes on how they first met, while Jenner was confronted about her alleged early One Direction fandom. "I wasn't necessarily too aware of what One Direction was at the time and then I became aware after meeting you and became a real fan," she said when asked about a certain Sharpie-assisted photo. "I'm a real fan.

During a round of Spill Your Guts, Styles had Jenner rank her siblings "from best to worst parents." Jenner noted ahead of the ranking "they're all amazing," then gave Rob Kardashian the No. 1 spot. She also inquired as to whether any of Styles songs are about her, an understandable if not entirely crucial line of questioning. For the rest, see the clip at the top of the post.

And here's Harry Styles interviewing Harry Styles, an exchange which understandably just devolves into a compliments-driven back-and-forth:

According to Styles, his new album Fine Line—out Friday—is "brilliant." Given the vibe of the first two singles, we're inclined to believe him.