Nick Cannon isn’t going to win over everyone with his brand of comedy, and his long-running sketch and improv show Wild ’N Out can’t expect to do the same, but you cannot overlook his efforts to provide comedians of color with a platform to showcase their talent.

Cannon must be aware of this truth because when someone recently tried to ruffle his feathers by telling him “u suck” on Twitter, the multi-hyphenate could’ve handled this one of two ways. 

Either Cannon allows this remark to get under his skin, and his response reflects that feeling, or he skillfully calls into question another element of this person’s obnoxious comment, which is an overall critique of Wild ’N Out. He chose the latter.

Cannon’s simple clapback forced this hater to further explain their remark by centering their gripe with him and not the show itself. But it was already too late.

Good try at attempting to play this out into a long-running discourse, but Cannon is too busy with other obligations aside from this one program.