Mia Khalifa, whose brief involvement in the adult film industry continues to garner fans to this day, would like those concerned with such financial figures to know that she is not "[raking] in millions" from that work. 

When tweeting out a link to a recent wide-ranging interview she did with Megan Abbott, Khalifa said claims of her making millions are false.

"I made a TOTAL of around $12,000 in the industry and never saw a penny again after that," she said, adding that finding a "normal job" after leaving the industry was difficult and scary.

Khalifa's tweet about making just $12,000 has sparked an online debate about adult film practices, with assessments rolling in from different sides of the issue.

In follow-up tweets, Khalifa clarified that she was not promised—nor did she expect—to make millions. She also noted that she’s baffled by the fact that she's still regularly ranked on industry sites despite being years removed from active involvement.

"This is why people think I still perform," she said.

During the full interview she linked out in the original tweet, Khalifa went deep on her experiences with fame, including an era in her life during which she says she received death threats.

"My friends from home started to find out because somebody found the first scene and they sent it to everybody," she said around 30 minutes in. "I was already about to film the one with the hijab that basically went viral and global. It was going to happen that week, so I was like, well, you know, I can't back out. So, I guess, this next one, people are starting to find out. After that one came out the following week, it was beyond repair."

Eventually, the attention had an adverse effect. "The shame started to set in a little bit," Khalifa said, pointing to "a fear of things starting to change and people starting to think things of me."

As the hijab clip in question started to gain popularity, Khalifa said she became the recipient of threats of violence, allegedly including ones from the ISIS terrorist organization.

"They Photoshopped a picture of me on a beheaded body holding my head that was Photoshopped on there saying 'You'll be next, you Muslim disgrace.' I'm, like, Catholic, dude . . . I've got catholic guilt. You think that you can affect me? No."

Khalifa also discussed her relationship with therapy, her move from Miami to Austin, and much more. See the full thing up top.