Khloé Kardashian doesn't take kindly to the notion that she uses her baby True as an accessory. After the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star posted photos of herself and her 16-month-old hanging out with swimming pigs in the Bahamas on Instagram, hateful types swarmed to tell her that she views her own daughter as a prop. As you might expect from someone essentially being called an unfit mother, Khloé went off.  

"Would you like a parent NOT to create memories and traditions with their child? Would you like someone else to watch my child and me to do these things on my own?" she asked. "I am her mother and we will celebrate life together everyday. True and I are creating magical memories TOGETHER FOREVER."



Khloé has developed a necessarily thick skin in the wake of the recent scandal involving her ex Tristan Thompson (and, you know, being on television for the last 12 years). Coming for her parenting is something she's apparently not tolerating. For fans who were willing to keep things positive, Khloé shared more photos of the trip, including shots of Chicago West and baby True snacking.