Jamie Foxx wants to set the record straight regarding his relationship with singer Sela Vave after the two were seen holding hands as they left Bootsy Bellows nightclub Saturday morning, and headed to his Lamborghini SUV. 

In a series of videos posted by Vave that were taken from Foxx’s Instagram Live, the 51-year-old multi-hyphenate broke down the origins of their relationship, which share similarities to Ed Sheeran and Nick Cannon who also started their careers by crashing at Jamie’s house. 

Foxx reveals that another artist introduced him to Vave, and wanted to help guide her music career after seeing her perform. “She’s singing broken down Beyoncé, playing the guitar, and I said, ‘How the fuck did this happen?,’” he recalls. “So, we took her under our wing.” 

“I’m escorting her to my car, to put her in the car — my artist, who hangs out with my kids and is as young as my daughter,” Foxx said of Vave, who is either 19 or 21. Jamie’s oldest daughter Corinne Foxx is 25 while his other daughter Anelise Bishop is 10. 

Foxx talks about a conversation he had with Vave’s mother who he said “put her trust in me,” adding, “We want to make sure she has the opportunity to show you the talent we saw. All of the unnecessary hate for the woman, just because the guys are coming here and they’re working hard, but when a girl does it, she has an ulterior motive. Stop that shit.”

Vave touched on the hate she has received in the caption of her Instagram post over allegations that they are dating, especially in light of the recent revelation of his break-up with longtime on-again, off-again girlfriend Katie Holmes. 

“I know you guys are reading between the lines, but I embrace all the artists who come here,” Foxx said. “What happened in the press with our girl Sela – that's our family. We don't ever cross the lines like that personally. That’s our artist, that's our family, that's our love. She’s been brought into the family, she works hard, she’s a beautiful singer. I can't wait for you to hear her.”

Vave hasn’t been shy about posting photos she has taken with Foxx on Instagram, which are typically accompanied by expressions of gratitude towards Jamie for helping with her career.