The folks behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare shared a first look at the game's upcoming multiplayer option in a stunning new trailer. Give it a watch up top.

The latest version of  the long-running war game will be out September 12. Developers have retooled some old features and provided new experiences for long-term fans. On Twitter, the team shared that the multiplayer mode will feature night-time maps, a reworked version of their weapon-building tool and the return of killstreaks.

The multiplayer mode reportedly moves away from the seriousness of the game's single-player campaign. While this version of Call of Duty is following in the footsteps of acclaimed titles like Spec Ops: The Line by diving into the fact that war is a vile thing, the multiplayer mode is all about carnage and brings back the enhanced superweapons to prove it. 

“It’s kind of like if you’re watching a film or a play, and you have different types of actors,” the game's audio directer, Stephen Miller, told Kotaku. “You can have somebody who’s a very serious, heavy actor, and maybe you have somebody else who’s more comic relief or whatever else. It’s all still part of the same universe, but you get a little different tone."

Modern Warfare has explored heavy, moral questions in the past, perhaps nowhere more infamously than the "No Russian" level of 2009's MW2 that gave a player the option to kill civilians as part of a covert CIA operation. It seems they want to do the same sort of interrogating in this iteration, however they aren't letting that bog down the multiplayer side, offering many weapons that would constitute a war crime if used in actual combat.