Shia LaBeouf, the Jonah Hill-deemed "fit god" and all-around GOAT, recently went on an extended interview run that included a stop at Big Boy's headquarters to talk Slauson Rec and Honey Boy. Sprinkled into that conversation, as TeamKanyeDaily spotted this week, was some insight on a previously hinted-at Kanye West collab that never came to be.

Asked about the infamous Pablo-era closet raid around 26 minutes into the Big Boy interview, LaBeouf said it was "never like a theft," but rather part of West's "chase for authenticity and sincerity." As for how West ended up at his house to begin with on that fateful day, LaBeouf said it was due to a project he and collaborators Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner were planning for West at the time.

"The reason I came into his life is he was talking about making videos and we had just done a lot of these performance art projects and we were gonna do a livestream with him," LaBeouf said. "That's what brought him to the house was we were building a livestream for the Super Bowl which wound up going away because a lot of wild stuff happened in his life."

From there, LaBeouf spoke about attending West's Sunday Service sessions ("It's beautiful") and was asked to name his favorite West works. "The first one, and maybe 808s . . . I think those two really changed the game," he said, very accurately. "If you listen to rap before and after those two albums, rap changed."

LaBeouf also added that he's attended "pretty much every single one of [West's] tours."

See the full Big Boy interview, conducted alongside Tax Collector co-star and Slauson Rec collaborator Bobby Soto, below:

LaBeouf and Soto recently hosted a Sacred Spectacle fundraiser event for their Slauson Rec theatre project featuring Jaden Smith and Vic Mensa. For more info on the project, head over here.