Seth Rogen used his perch in Comic-Con to take a few shots at Game of Thrones

The show was on plenty of minds at San Diego Comic-Con, with plenty of diehard fans of the fantasy series still feeling let down by its finale. Chatter only increased when the executive producers of the show declined to attend the Game of Thrones panel. Rogen, who was on hand to talk about his show Preacher, said that fans should take his willingness to appear as a good omen.

"I’m here, at least, so I think that’s a good sign,” he said when asked if his show's final season would be satisfying. "I’m willing to show my face."

While he didn't explicitly mention Game of Thrones, an answer about the plotting of the final season was a clear jab at the uneven ending to HBO's hit series.  

“There was a world where we could have maybe extended it longer, but to us it felt like [it was good] having a show where nearly every episode was propelling the story forward, and moving towards a final conclusion…in a plotted-out way that was hopefully fast-paced and satisfyin —you know, like the end of a TV show,” he said.

In the Q&A session with audience members, he fielded a few direct questions about the Thrones. Rogen clearly disagreed with the way tthat the Jamie and Cersei Lannister died and the decision to make Bran Stark the king. In contrast, Rogen shared that the final season of Preacher will give fans what they want,

“People like this show the most when it’s moving forward fast,” he said, noting that the languid pace of the first season rubbed some people the wrong way. “I think early on in the series we kind of experimented with a slightly more measured pace, and I think we found that that was not our strength and that just a sheer mass of insanity was more the thing that people seemed to like about the show, in combination with the characters and the stories, it seemed like people just liked it to move at a pace that was exciting and we tried to do that more this season, for sure.”

The final season of Preacher premieres on Aug. 4 on AMC. Take a look at the trailer below.