While researchers from Harvard have yet to put together a peer-reviewed article on the world's most meme'd-character, Spongebob sure as hell seems to find himself (or his co-stars) as the visual source of many-a-social-media joke, from that Krabs meme to that mocking one. In fact, he (or at least his show) has found itself the center of so many different memes that it inspired an action figure line. That's a pretty high bar for future imitators:

Because of that it should come as no surprise that the two-decade old character once again found new life in the form of the "Viral Traveling Spongebob Meme" (hopefully somebody more creative and Twitter-savvy improves upon that placeholder). As you can see...shortly, this newest running internet joke utilitizes Spongebob going international. According to Pop Buzz it began with Twitter users @DIXIENORMOUS and @fadisborn

They go on to say that the image was transformed into a video complete with music, and that @fadisborn edited it "to cater to multiple, different, national stereotypes." If you're confused as to what any of that actually means, that's fair, but like all memes just check out a few examples and you'll probably figure it out: