On Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloé claims that after she confronted then-boyfriend Tristan Thompson about his alleged tryst with Jordyn Woods, the NBA star threatened to end his own life. 

After news broke of Thompson's infidelity, Khloé detailed the correspondences she had with her ex-boyfriend during a conversation with Scott Disick. "He’s like, 'I can’t stop thinking about you and what mess I have caused,'" she explains. "He’s doing this to get a reaction out of me. Oh, so I’m just allowed to say, 'I’m going to kill myself' at any time? That’s crazy."

The reality star then answers a call from one of Thompson's close friends, who she presumably asked to check up on Tristan after the threats were made. As the friend is relaying to Khloé what took place when he showed up at Tristan's door, he says that Thompson repeatedly assured him that he was "good."

"The fact that Khloé is sitting here heartbroken but still worrying about Tristan’s feelings and the possibilities of him being upset or possibly hurting himself — I mean, it just goes to show that Khloé is an unbelievable person that loves so hard and so much," Disick explains in the confessional. "Somehow she just keeps getting the short end of the stick, and it’s unfair and it’s hurtful and it’s really hard for me to sit and watch."

In addition to Khloé and Tristan's fallout, the disintegration of the Kardashians' relationship with Jordyn Woods is also revealed in the episode. “I just think everyone is so twisted. Jordyn didn’t think about me, she didn’t think about Kylie … she didn’t think about my daughter. She didn’t think about Tristan. And she didn’t think about herself,” Khloé says. “They’re both at fault. I’m not blaming just Jordyn. Tristan, we’ve all known what he was capable of. Look what he did when I was nine months pregnant. I knew who he was. I never in a million years thought that’s who she was.”

Kylie Jenner, as well as the rest of the family, reassured viewers that Jordyn's actions will not be forgiven overnight. “It’s never going to be the same again,” Jenner said of her relationship with Woods. “At least for a while. If we decide, or I decide, to keep her in my life. I think she's scared to death.”

Kris then echoed her daughter's sentiments, recalling a conversation she had with Woods in which she tells her that the entire family will stand by Khloé. "I said to [Jordyn], 'Listen, at the end of the day, the person you need to start with is Khloé. What you did is really, really wrong. You inserted yourself in a situation that you don’t belong in, and my daughter is physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually damaged. She is in pain,'" Kris explained. "She was crying and said that she was sorry. I said, 'You need to tell this to Khloé, too. … I have to have Khloé’s back. She’s my baby, she’s my daughter. Until you work this out with Khloé, it’s never going to be OK with the rest of us.'"

In March, Woods appeared on Jada Pinkett Smith's Red Table Talk to detail her side of the Tristan Thompson story. During the segment, the former Kardashian confidant said that Thompson kissed her as she was leaving a house party they both attended, and nothing more happened. However, Khloé promptly took to Twitter after the interview to publicly inform Woods that she doesn't believe her account of what took place that evening, and blamed her for breaking up her family.